Van Gogh Roses (Borderless) Playing Cards


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Artistic Background

“Roses” was created on the eve of Van Gogh’s discharge from the Saint-Remy-de-Provence asylum. Sensing the end of his life approaching, Van Gogh, using colors different from his usual, painted this noble and tranquil rose, showing us another side of the artist – besides madness and genius, there is also simplicity and resilience. This is the largest and most beautiful of all of Van Gogh’s still life’s.

Exquisite Design

The card box features a pure white background, with green as the main color derived from the original painting, and the English typography of the flowers is smooth and delicate.

Spreading from the side to the center of the line of sight, the large blooming rose exudes a lush and elegant atmosphere, with deep and light interwoven foliage.

The card back is from Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Roses”, full color with no white borders and has been reconfigured for symmetrical layout.

A large area of cool-toned green occupies the entire picture, instantly immersing people in the tranquility it creates; green, white, and gold are rarely seen in card design, reflecting the great artist’s sophisticated aesthetic, achieving the uniqueness of the White Rose.

Hand-drawn Face Card

The face cards mimic Van Gogh’s brushstrokes and style of hand-drawing;
The details have been adjusted according to the new theme, with the waistline from the famous painting white rose drawn in the center of the white background;
The vivid colors and images not only enrich the visual perception of the cards but also emphasize the visual effects in card usage (such as displaying and fanning);

At the same time, the pure white background of the card faces harmonizes with the card backs in terms of color.

Limited Edition

The new edition of “Roses” is printed by USPCC, ensuring top-notch quality and tactile sensation in addition to artistic appreciation.

Limited to 1000 decks, each comes with a unique numbered seal sticker, making it highly recommended for both cardistry and collecting enthusiasts.