Omega Mutation – 3VOD- Cameron Francis


Plus de 5H00 de magie efficace et 27 routines expliquées par Cameron Francis. Ceci n’est pas une simple vidéo de magie, c’est un véritable long métrage, avec un vrai scénario agrémenté de routines efficaces, expliquées bien sûr! Vidéo en streaming ou en téléchargement.

UGS : Omega Catégorie :


1 – Alpha

Vivid – The torn corner of one selection mysteriously appears taped to a second selection. In the blink of an eye the first selection restores itself. It’s madness I tell you.
Insecure Restoration – A new twist on David Williamson’s “Torn and Restored Transpo”.
Cagey – A stunning transposition with an ending that will slay your spectators. This is a beautifully constructed routine,that engages as much as it amazes.
Everywhere – A signed selection multiplies, disappears and reappears under impossible conditions.
Dime-A-Cap – A new twist on the coin to pen cap. Indeed, with just a pen and a coin you can have a really beautiful moment of magic.
Triumph Transpo – The name says it all… no, it does. it really does.
Signed & Assembled – Three signed cards to card box. Super clean and super easy to do.
Back In 10 – A freely selected coin (yeah, right!), disappears and ends up taped to the back of a signed business card. You could give that away you know. Like some kind of souvenir / advertising ploy. Genius.
Hard Knocks – A completely impromptu signature transposition like no other.

2 – Mem

Assembled Reset – Four jokers assemble and then instantly backfire into their original positions. Highly effective and the handling is a breeze.
Card-A-Que -A selection is charred with a lighter and restored in an insanely visual fashion. This is the kind of magic that people talk about for months after the event. And it’s EASY!
Appearing Sharpie – A ‘no sleeves required’ miracle. One second you are holding a pen lid, the next it’s the pen has appeared in the lid. Hence ‘Appearing Sharpie’. Obviously.
Bill Switch – The $100 Bill Switch explained in detail.
Cheque This – A three phase routine created with the table hopper in mind. A borrowed bill turns into an IOU cheque. Then a selected card is shown to have been predicted on the cheque. And then, to cap it all, the bill reappears inside a card case that has been on display the entire time.
Last Laugh – Four jokers capture a selection. The selection then becomes a joker and the four jokers become the selection and its mates. Bang – your spectators are on the floor. You’re laughing manically because this is easy-peasy!
Yours & Yours – Words on a piece of paper disappear. Where did they go? Let’s check these two selections. Oh look – those ‘vanishing words’ have appeared on the back of the selections. Weird.
Separation Anxiety – Oil and water with a twist. Like Gin ‘N Tonic with lime juice. Except without the alcohol. Or the tonic. Or the lime.
Stuffed – Two kings capture two selections under impossible conditions.

3 – Omega

Ring Flight – A reel-less ring flight that’s big on impact and easy on sleights. You’ll be using this one folks. Believe us! No gaffs, just guts!
Jumpy Collectors – Three jacks collect three selections one at a time in an increasingly impossible manner.
CF Switch – A utility card switch with loads of possibilities.
Visiting Hour – An amazing “Visitor” effect that is perfect for table hoppers.
Connections – A super clean Do-As-I-Do effect with an incredible climax.
Hofzinser Takes A Dive – The Hofzinser Ace Problem turned on its head.
Space Available – A blank faced card takes on the image of a signed selection under incredibly fair conditions.
Dupes – An amazing small packet effect with loads of magic and an instant reset.
International Cards Of Mystery – You write a prediction on a bank note. Then you allow your spectator to chose from a packet of cards – each of which has a different city on the reverse. Their freely selected city is found to be on the reverse of the same card you predicted on the bank note. But wait – you can’t spend that bank note in that city. Solution – you visibly change the currency to match the city!

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