Odyssey Covenant Edition (Limited) by Sergio Roca


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One of the most relevant nebulae is Exodus, inhabited by an ancient civilization – known by the same name – since time immemorial.

In fact, it is believed that all other civilizations originated from here.

While Exodus resembles the others, they are more intelligent, rapidly evolved, and terrifying.

On the other hand, we find Covenant.

Another civilization, although belonging to the same nebula, resides in a remote place and possesses an abnormal glow and features.

Covenant was exiled by the Exodus originals-the pure lineage-forced to live under inhumane conditions hundreds of years ago.

They rebelled against the imposed order, sparking a civil war they couldn’t win. And from this, their name arises.

Covenant was the pact they had to accept, compelling them to live under the rule of the winning side, but it’s also a reminder…

A reminder of the past and the war they lost.

But the situation is changing.

Or, at least, that’s what the air and the voices from the darkest and humblest corners of the city suggest.

It is said that Covenant is arming all its counterparts.

Rumors circulate that a new civil war is on the horizon.

And that this could mean the destruction of the Exodus civilizations.

Or a new beginning, who knows… For both? Or just one?

Time will tell.


  • Limited edition of 1000 units.
  • Grey matte high quality tuck case. Teal and silver foil.
  • Metallic premium ink in the back design and faces.
  • Vintage paper stock
  • Legendary finish
  • 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers – Poker size.
  • Transparent security cello.
  • Distributed by Feel The Universe Card Co.