Keep Smiling: Sylvia Playing Cards


Article sur commande, délai de livraison entre 5 et 10 jours

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  • Card boxes are made from premium paper.
  • The premium card box features silver foil stamping.
  • BPCC Air El printing process.

Keep Smiling is one of the most popular cardistry brands in China, known for their highly creative and visually appealing deck designs, which are widely beloved by cardistry enthusiasts.

Sylvia is the name of this deck of cards, and also the name of the girl depicted on the back of the cards. She is a fictional forest girl, and everyone has their own forest and a hidden “second self” within. Perhaps we have never been there, but everything there seems to be prepared for us.

Sylvia uses a paintbrush to depict a series of stories wrapped in purity and gentleness. For her, this is eternal, a precious time hidden in the forest.